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There are many ways to support Go One Bugwere and our work - we are excited that you are interested to get active!

How to support us


Support us with your donation!


Your donation helps us to accomplish our goals and give students in Uganda a perspective for their future.

Thank you for your contribution!


Go One Bugwere eV is recognized as a non-profit organization in Germany. We are allowed to issue official donation receipts.



Direct debit:

To make a donation conveniently by direct debit, please fill out the form on the right and send it to us.



Account holder: Go One Bugwere eV

Volksbank eG

IBAN: DE40 4126 2501 6857 2160 00




Donate comfortably and securely via paypal:


Give a dontaion as a gift:

To give a donation as a gift, download the "donation form" on the right and enter the name of the recipient. We will contact you after you have sent the form to discuss the details and issue a donation certificate for the recipient.


We are also happy to help you if you would like to make a special occasion donation for Go One Bugwere eV - birthday, wedding, company party, inauguration, baptism, death ... Choose a donation keyword. We can provide you with flyers and postcards for the donation and can dedicate a report to it on our website.


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Become a member of Go One Bugwere Germany e.V. and get your ideas running!

As a member, you have the opportunity to actively participate in Go One Bugwere and contribute your ideas.

All members meet at least once a year at the annual general meeting to plan our annual goals and to share new ideas.


We are also constantly in close contact with each other to be able to carry out our projects in the best way possible.


To become an active member, please fill out the membership form on the left and send it to

Welcome to the team!

Support us with your donation!

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Thank you!

Thank you for your interest in our work and your support!

All members of the association work on a voluntary basis so that 100% of your donations arrive in Uganda and can be used where they are needed.

As a non-profit organization, we issue donation receipts. For you to receive a receipt for your donation, please fill out the form above, include your details, all the needed information, and send it to us.

Thank you very much - webale nnyo!

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