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About Us

GO ONE BUGWERE GERMANY eV is a German association, with the aim of promoting sustainable projects in Eastern Uganda.

We are a team of people connected to Uganda by friends and family.

What unites us, is the desire to get involved and to share our privileges.


We want to learn from and with each other, listen - and understand!

In an exchange on equal terms with our Ugandan partner organisation, we would like to collect and implement ideas together and through this, we will create sustainable change.

             What we are working on

We focus on the  following areas:

Promotion of education

  • Financial support for school fees, university fees and school materials

Promotion of income-generating measures in the rural region  

  • Development of agricultural teaching projects

  • Foundation of microfinance circles

Promoting health

  • Distributing of hygiene articles to girls and women

  • Consultation talks by our social workers and village health workers on site


                                                  Who we are

Go One Bugwere was born out of the desire to offer long-term support in Uganda. Charles, who migrated from Uganda to Germany in 2016, has long had a desire to give something back to his home community.

In summer 2019 we founded the NGO "Go One Bugwere Ltd." in Uganda and a short time later in autumn 2019 the German partner association "Go One Bugwere Germany eV".

We have set ourselves the goal of offering support in the Bugwere region in Uganda that should lead to an improvement in living conditions.


              What we want to reach

Bildung schafft die Grundlage für ein eigenverantwortliches und gesellschaftsförderndes Leben. Bildung stärkt die Möglichkeiten zur Mitbestimmung und Entscheidungsfreiheit. Sie fördert Individuen in ihrer Kreativität und Widerstandskraft.

Über ein Stipendienprogramm möchten wir Menschen einen Zugang zu Bildung verschaffen, der ihnen sonst verwehrt beiben würde.


           Our values            

close cooperation on equal terms

sense of responsibility



personal experiences and solidarity

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